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Zika Virus/Film Festival/Miami downtown skyline s evolving/Cafe Roval/Deal of the month

We are already in October. Time flies ! Maybe you are thinking to spend Columbus' day and/or Halloween in Miami ? As always, Miami has plenty of activities to offer. First you have to enjoy the Miami film festival and the Italian film festival. Then mark in your agenda the opening of a new intriguing restaurant. Finally have a look at our preconstruction update because these projects will be soon ready so hurry before they are sold out.

In the first days of August we heard about the official news of the Zika Virus. The first contaminated area was Wynwood. This neighborhood had a lot of outdoor restaurants which had to close down their terraces. Don't worry this area has now officially been Zika free. The second area hit by Zika was South Beach discovered in 1.5 square mile-area in mid August.
As we know, the virus caused problems to the Miami economy especially in the hospitality that it's the first economic income. As a matter of fact, the airlines company decreased the fares of 17% and the hotel bookings drop off 3% in Wynwood compared to last year. The restaurant industry is the one that suffered more. For example, a Mexican late-night bar lost 70% of the customers after Zika news.
But let's see the impact on the real estate world. We noticed that the volume of condo sales in the Wynwood and Midtown area decreased 30%. In South Beach the number of property sold in Sept 2015 was 175 but in Sept 2016 only 129 sales. That's another 29% drop. So can we say the mosquito virus had an impact on sales ? Well for sure sales dropped in both neighborhoods but I doubt we can say that the Zika virus is the only responsible factor. The strengthening of the dollar compared to south americans and europeans currencies is probably the number one reason for this drop in sales.

From October 13th to 16th you have the great chance to assist at the Miami Film Festival at Miami Dade College’s Tower Theater. If you are a movie lover these days are perfect to you and if you don’t there lots of activities around this event. You can choose from different type of tickets such as the single entry from $30 to an opening night film & party for $125. For example, at El Tucan in downtown Miami on the 15th there will be a special event, experiencing a modern cabaret day in a Latin environment.
The festival will open the scene with a documentary on the Rolling Stones. The director of the event picked up this movie because he thinks that it shows the real life of the singers unlike tv and novels.
The festival line up is made by the major award-winners such as Ken Loach and Daniel Blake, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and Asghar Farhadi’s The Salesman, which scored Best Actor and Best Screenplay at the same fest. Before the Gems is starting, from October 6th to 11th there will be also the Italian Film Festival at the Regal Cinemas South Beach. We are going to the opening to watch a comedy with an Italian actor, Diego Abatantuono. He also took part of an Oscar movie in 1992 called Mediterraneo.
For the schedule visit the website:
Miami Film Festival: Italian film festival in Miami:
Don't you get lost with all these new projects being built ? Here is an update on the condos which will change the face of Miami. Most of the ones I selected are in Downtown and already broke ground except for the Elysee, Auberge and the 3900 Alton.
The Auberge condo is the best priced preconstruction product in Downtown. Only 35 units out of 298 units have been reserved. The prices start from $360,000 to $3 million. The closing dates have been postpone to the end of 2020.
The Aria on the Bay condo is very well priced condo as well. Only 25% of the 648 units are still available. The price range for 1-2 bedroom is between $395,000 and $700,000. The project will be finished at the end of 2017.
The Elysee " condo in Edgewater is a really exclusive building. Almost each floor will have only one unit with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. A total of 100 units in the building. The price range for the 55 remaining units start at $1.4M to $4.2M. The building will be finished at the end of 2018.
The Paramount Worldcenter has been inspired by the Dubai Malls. It will be a huge complex with 3 towers and 1100 units. The units sold are already 55%. The 1-2-3 bed prices start from $615,000 to $1,610,000.
Hyde Midtown condo is located in midtown. Only 25% of the units are still available and the building at the moment is at 23rd floor of construction out of 32. The prices go from $500,000 to $1 million.
The Gran Paraiso condo is part of the luxury Paraiso complex in Edgewater. 70% of the units have been sold. Prices go from $700,900 for a 1 bed+den/2bath to $3,399,000 for a 4bed penthouse. Actually, the building is at the 10th floor and the expecting closing date is on December 2017.
The 3900 Alton condo is a marvelous boutique project in mid-beach with only 78 units. 50% of them are still available and the average price for 1 bed is $777,000 and the 2 bed units start at $1.1 to $5 million. The project will start construction in 2017 and the expecting closing date will be on December 2019.

After many years Mark Soyka comes back in the restaurant scenery with a new opening. This time it’s a farm-to-table Café Roval.
He doesn’t think to pull back after so many years in the restaurant business although his Van Dyke Café and the News Café are 28 years old. Furthermore, he had the sense to open his namesake restaurant at 55th and Biscayne that brought to the top this area and on November 1st he is going to astonish us at the Old Pump House, 5808 NE 4th Court. He fought to have this propriety as a restaurant.
The Cafè Royal is a laid back location where you can taste the farm-to-table creations of the chef Nuno Grullon. There is also a special backyard where you have a drink and appetizers.
After all these years he’s excited for this new opening also because he took a long time before having this location. Here, he had the chance to join his to passions: constructions and food. This will be totally a different concept location and he wants that every restaurant has a different soul.

Deal of the month: Paramout Bay #2110

  • 1810 sqft
  • From $1,399,000 to $1,299,000
  • 3 bed / 3 bath
  • Bay View
  • Downtown Miami
  • Never lived in!