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Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter April 2021

With this month's newsletter I'm aiming to answer the most FAQ I've had recently:

  • Is it the peak of the market ?
  • Are New Yorkers permanently relocating to Miami?
  • It is interesting to see how we are in a strong market with lots of movement, that we haven't seen for over a decade now. Scroll down and discover why we are facing a different setting from previous housing boom. Do you imagine living in a high-end city in the middle of the ocean? For some, this dream is becoming a reality with the 1st floating city to be built 40 minutes away from Miami. If you are in town, and you are bored of trying the same restaurants, read more and try my recently opened eateries suggestions.

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter March 2021.

    Miami is on fire! Everyone wants to live here. Tenants, buyers, investors have their eyes and wallets set on this beautiful city. And they are right! To me, Miami is the perfect city to balance quality of life and work opportunities. Above all, it is the perfect city right now during this Covid pandemic since it offers plenty of outdoor experiences going from restaurants to lounges to sports and leisure. Yes, we are in our little bubble and you should join us. Miami is officially in a bull market! Nevertheless, be careful about choosing well your property because I've heard some buyers who now regret having bought so quickly and are having second thoughts. If you want a safe bet I would consider the new upcoming Waldorf Astoria in Downtown Miami. You know what they say about new construction? Buy at the beginning or at the end to get the best deals. Finally retail stores are also increasing their exposure in Miami. Trader Joe is opening its third grocery store in Miami, in Midtown.

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter February 2021.

    Miami is slowly warming up, and real estate is looking hotter as well! In this month's newsletter, I'm bringing you some positive projections of the Miami housing market this 2021. Get to know how the low house inventory and the rising demand to relocate to Miami is rising luxury condo sales. I'm also bringing you my monthly restaurant recommendation that you shouldn't miss! The nationwide real estate industry has shown a reverse trend where stocks are not precisely aligned with reality. Finally, get to know the deal of the month at the Yacht Club at Portofino! This 1-bedroom unit is the only remodeled condo in the building, so check it out and contact me if you want to schedule a visit.

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter January 2021.

    Let's start this new year with some positive real estate news in Miami! Even if 2020 was a bittersweet year, I'm grateful to announce the 2021 projections for the Miami housing market are overflowing with good news! As the single-family homes inventory keeps on plunging, the new trend for house-seekers is to invest in preconstruction houses. There are also some stylish new neighbors in town, as celebrities keep on finding Miami as the perfect spot to relocate. Scroll down and get to know the expensive sales that were closed in 2020 in Indian Creek. Miami has also become the hot spot for financial firms which is expected to keep on growing this new year. As every month, I'm bringing you my restaurant recommendation, and lastly, I'm bringing you the REAL DEAL at the Yacht Club at Portofino! It is a must-see if you are interested in buying in Miami.

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter December 2020.

    The winter season has finally arrived in Miami after a lot of rain.... and it comes with some interesting and very positive news on how the condo market is rebounding a little. For those wondering how the high season will be, scroll down and discover who are the new snowbirds coming to Miami this year. Also, get to know why so many New Yorkers have decided to change their address to the Sunshine State! Even if the pandemic has had a positive effect on the real estate market in Miami, some other industries such as restaurants have suffered from this extremely bizarre year. Instead of giving you the new restaurant to try out, I'll be giving you hereafter my farewell to some permanent closures. Finally, get to know the deal of the month, which is a unique opportunity to combine two units for sale at the Yacht Club at Portofino.

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter November 2020.

    This month I'm bringing you great news of how the real estate market in Miami is booming compared to 2019! Yes you heard me, it's booming. Remember the video I did during the pandemic? I told you that change can be good....We'll explore how the pandemic has accelerated the demand for single-family homes and condos in Miami. I'm also bringing you some stats on how the prime condos in Downtown have behaved in terms of volume of sales year-over-year.

    One of the questions I get the most after this pandemic is if it's the right time to buy a condo, and in which neighborhood deals can be found. That's why this month I'm bringing you the stats of the closed sales and sold prices per neighborhood in Miami this past 3 months compared to last year.

    Discover the best condo deals in some of the most exquisite and high-end condos in South Beach, Miami. Read more and get to know what to buy in November depending on the number of bedrooms and specificities you are looking for. This article is featuring the best deals in condos such as the Yacht Club at Portofino, The Continuum North and South, Portofino Tower, Murano Grande, Icon South Beach, Il Villaggio condo, The Apogee condo, and more!

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter October 2020.

    Say hello to the autumn season in Miami, with some real estate stats about the Brickell condo market. Discover how the prime condos in the financial district have behaved in terms of volume of sales and sold price/sqft this year after the pandemic, compared to last year. This month, I bring you some interesting news on why the suburbs are now being the hottest zone to live, and how home supply is plunging. Have you noticed that Miami is getting busier every day? Read a couple of strategies the local government is doing to incentivize the businesses this upcoming winter season. Don't miss out on the deal of the month, as this condo at the Yacht Club at Portofino is definitely the best-priced unit in the entire building!

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter September 2020

    September is here and Miami seems to be slowly recovering from COVID-19. The city is starting the reactivation plans, and step by step we are getting to our new normal. Traffic is also worsening but still great to commute everywhere in less than 15 minutes! This month I'm bringing you some shocking news of how the South Beach condo market has behaved in terms of volume of sales and price/sqft this first semester of 2020 compared to 2019. Read more to discover the real damages the pandemic is causing in the South Beach condo market.

    I'm also bringing some sunshine after the storm, with news about the luxury condo market and the short-term rental industry. Last but not least, read more about my restaurant recommendation this month and the deal of the month at the Yacht Club that you shouldn't miss!

    Discover the best condo deals in some of the most exquisite and high-end condos in South Beach, Miami. Read more and get to know what to buy in September depending on the number of bedrooms and specificities you are looking for. This article is featuring the best deals in condos such as the Yacht Club at Portofino, The Continuum North and South, Portofino Tower, Murano Grande, Icon South Beach, Il Villaggio condo, The Apogee condo, and more!

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter August 2020

    Summer in Miami always means fewer people around, which makes August a perfect month to enjoy the weather by the beach respecting the social distancing guidelines. There are numerous events this month, such as the Miami Spice or the first float boat cinema coming to Miami! Scroll down and read more of what this boat-in cinema is all about.
    This month comes with interesting news of Miami's real estate including how Mexicans are fueling the Miami housing market, as it seems like a more politically and economically stable site. Discover how the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 has created stagnation for renters in Miami, and how is this affecting the industry.
    Finally, a restaurant recommendation that just opened its doors to the public a few weeks ago in South Beach, and our deal of the month at the Jade Beach condo in Sunny Isles that you definitely shouldn't miss!

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter July 2020

    Miami reopening plan started last month, and the city is ready to be explored again! Well as I write this newsletter the restaurants have been mandated to close again... Anyways, please keep yourself safe and follow the social distancing guidelines and wear a mask (properly...).Let's keep each other healthy. In this month's newsletter I wanted to bring you some interesting news of upcoming projects in Miami Beach, so scroll down and read more about the "Marina Park" that is planned to be located in South of Fifth, or the Office Building project in Terminal Island.

    I wanted to bring you as well some post-COVID studies that show how relocation in the U.S. has doubled in the past month compared to 2019. Also, discover how the commercial real estate in Miami is doing, as it is not as bad as we all thought! Finally, check out our deal of the month... a Foreclosure corner unit at the Yacht Club at Portofino that is definitely the best deal in the building!

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter June 2020

    The bittersweet month that we just passed, came with some interesting news on how the real estate market is reacting to the various states reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown. In this month's newsletter, I welcome you to check out our deal tracker where you'll be able to find out which condos have decreased the most their prices. It also comes with some bad news about how Airbnb hosts are dealing with the whole travel closure and how is it affecting the housing industry.

    Read more and discover why the luxury condo market in Downtown Miami has shown a drastic drop in the sale prices. Additionally, some good news on the surprising rise in mortgage and refinance demands throughout the States. Scroll down to see what are creatives alternatives from restaurants to maintain social distancing and avoid the Coronavirus spread, now that they are allowed to reopen. And last but not least, our deal of the month at the Yacht Club at Portofino that you definitely shouldn't miss!

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter May 2020.

    These past challenging months have been hard for everyone, but we need to keep in mind that we will get out of this stronger, but most importantly, together. While everyone is practicing social distancing, lay down and enjoy this newsletter full of interesting news of how Miami is dealing with the COVID-19 season, and what is coming ahead.

    This month we bring you some interesting articles on how the housing market is being affected by the Coronavirus health issue. Read more and get to know why we are not facing a real estate crisis like the one from 2008. Keep reading and learn why are Fisher Island residents getting the desirable COVID-19 tests delivered to their door.

    If you have been trying to find the opportunities out of this crisis, scroll down and get to know the best condos where to invest! Also, find out what is coming next for the real estate industry in Miami and finally discover our deal of the month that you shouldn't miss!

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter April 2020.

    I would like to start by saying that we are all experiencing difficult times and I hope you and your families are doing well. One third of the world is in quarantine and we need to remind each other that we are all in this together. Maybe it's a way to focus on the important things in life.

    After a month full of surprises and radical life changes, this month I decided to focus my newsletter on the the COVID-19.

    How is the housing market being affected? Where is everyone going to run away from the virus? How is the state of Florida dealing with the whole situation? What solutions have real estate agents implemented to soften the blow? and finally, what is the commercial real estate doing to survive the closure of the service industry, such as restaurants, and bars?

    Scroll down to discover the answers to these questions and the short-term projections of the effect of the Coronavirus crisis in the real estate industry in Miami, South Florida and nationwide.

    Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter March 2020.

    March is one of the busiest months in lively Miami! Get ready to enjoy a large list of absorbing events and must-go activities. Check out top-3 events suggestions for March. In this month's newsletter, I'll bring you a synthesis of stats for sales of the prime condos in Brickell. Scroll down and discover why the neighborhood had a huge decrease of -12.5% in sales. Keep on reading and check out the new and vibrant new development in Downtown, Legacy Hotel & Residences. Did the Miami Superbowl impact your life? Well it actually did have a positive overall impact on Miami. As every newsletter, discover my recommended newly launched restaurant that you must try! And finally, you shouldn't leave without reading all the details of our deal of the month at the Floridian Condo!

    Miami is the number one city in the U.S. with the biggest foreign real estate investment. According to the Profile of International Home Buyers Report of 2018, South Florida is getting more and more foreign buyers that are looking to settle in the sunny Miami and its surroundings. Foreign buyers find extremely pleasant to invest in South Florida, especially in Miami, as it is the most welcoming and diverse city of the U.S. Or at least that is what the stats are showing. Best weather, multilingual and multicultural society, vibrant nightlife, and growing economy. The real question is why not investing here?

    Miami is one of the top-5 Airbnb destinations in the United States. It sounds like a great deal for everyone... Hosts get a profitable output of their investment and their guests get a more private and wide list of options where to stay. However, this is not the same point of view for the City Commission of Miami-Dade County, which has been enacting fines of $5,000 up to $20,000 when renting on this kind of platforms. Even though it has been a problem all around the city, Miami Beach has suffered the most.

    For the past 10 years, Miami has been facing a speedy cultural development that hasn't been fully followed by the rest of the World. That is why people improperly think that Miami is not a 'serious business city' where you can actually go other than on vacation.

    Coconut Grove is a neighborhood that has been evolving over time. It is now considered by some, one out of the 3 hottest areas to buy real estate in Miami. This high demand has consequently pushed prices up. It is a market that has shown to be balanced and have a healthy inventory, that's why a large list of brand new constructions have been based in Coconut Grove. It is everything about the location.

    The population rate in Florida has the second-fastest rate among the rest of the country. Brickell has shown a special rise of the population since 2000, and there is no sign that the growth is going to stop. Residents are replacing the beach, for a neigh

    Everyone has been talking about the Tax Cut and Jobs acted signed by Trump at the end of 2017. A growing list of wealthy buyers are now moving and investing in South Florida because of this new law, looking for a tax break. Florida now seems to be the perfect refuge from high tax areas as New York or California. As a result, the real estate market in Miami has been nothing else than benefited, with an increase in condo prices and a rising job creation.

    New and innovative constructions are being developed now in Miami that is creating new signature buildings to the old skyline we knew. Developers are trying to create another advantage to be preferred by buyers. National and international designers are being hired to create the craziest and most gorgeous building’s designs possible. Get to know what are the six most amazing buildings differentiating with their architectural style.

    The real estate market in the United States is expected to decrease by 2%, which means a deceleration compared to previous years. However, there are still some housing markets expected to grow much more. Among them is the city of Miami. Miami's economy is

    The real-estate market is always moving. If you want to keep going at the same pace, you need to adapt your strategy. In this article, we talk about who Miami real-estate developers are now changing their methods to adapt to a modern world not willing to make long-term compromises. Condo owners are suffering from an incredible amount of supply nowadays that has forced them to decrease their prices. There are competitors everywhere. Conventional apartments and even some conventional condos won't survive if they continue pitching the same client. That is why new buildings had been targeting short-term rentals in a never seen way.

    Do you sometimes think that a little

    The neighborhood to watch out this time is called Edgewater. It's an area with great potential. Architects and developers have used their creativity to place it on the map.

    For a long time Coconut Grove has been ignored by realtors and buyers who preferred the upcoming Brickell, Midtown or Design district neighborhoods. Recently, the area had a re-birth.

    The real estate market is a dynamic environment. Prices and inventory vary a lot depending on the timing of the year. you have to prepare a strategy in order to avoid buying it at the same time as everyone else.

    The Miami real estate market is still considered as a safe heaven for high end property buyers.The sale of high end properties in the first 6 months of this year were stable. The prices are increasing from $1,233 in 2015 to $1,430 in 2016.

    In Downtown Miami sales volume and prices are decreasing. Should we expect Miami to hibernate for a while or is it too sunny down here for a cool down of the market? For the first time in 5 years condo prices declined 4% to $438/sqft.

    The Yacht Club at Portofino provides full-service condo living in one of Miami South Beach's best-priced luxury properties.

    An architectural prodigy within steps of the urban environment of fascinating South Beach. Buy at the Murano Grande condo which defines the ideal of the South of Fifth luxury lifestyle

    The Continuum condo in South Beach is the best product if you want to enjoy the Miami lifestyle. Buying a condo on the ocean, in the best neighborhood of South Beach, called South of Fifth. You will have everything at your doorstep, from the best rated re

    The uber 1% of high net worth individuals loves to come to Miami for the exceptional playground it represents. Towers host helipads, luxury spas, rooftop soccer field and much more, for the pleasure of whoever Is will

    Between Art Basel, the buildup of inventory of properties over $1M that we witness, the strengthening of the U.S. Dollar and some new bar openings, this month is an ongoing saga!

    Tips about buying or selling a condo in Downtown Miami. You want to buy a condo in Miami? You are looking to sell your condo in Miami?

    Discover the Apogee and its amenities.

    Discover the Yacht Club at Portofino and its amenities!

    How to choose THE realtor in Miami Beach? Looking for a professional realtor in Miami to buy or sell your condo? Luxury real estate Miami Beach

    Short sale can help you save your credit.

    Since 2009, Florida is the top destination for foreign condo investment with almost one-third of international transactions. In Miami Beach, 70% of the buyer are international.

    An improving health of the Miami's condo market.

    There seem to be two different real estate markets. One for the rich and wealthy and one for everyone else.

    Our goal is to determine a competitive price range that works in your favor.

    Loan application fee and credit report are spelled out in your bank's Good Faith Estimate.

    This is an overview of the different exemptions you might get for your property in Florida.

    A 1031 Exchange is a method of deferring capital gain taxes when selling your property

    You must set aside your personal dreams and expectations and replace them with sound, objective business decisions

    You will want to be aware of the dynamics of cash in and cash out. And the more precise you can be, the better.

    Owning rental property is to make the largest profit from the cheapest investment'

    Purchase a condo hotel. This new trend in vacation home offers the benefits of enjoying a second home without the concerns about renting it.

    Because developers need financing to satisfy their lenders they are willing to offer buyers a chance to

    Current trends in equity loans and refinancing have made it much easier to realize cash from Real Estate

    Condoideas can help you understand the tax benefits of home ownership

    Regrets can be costly when it comes to real estate. The stakes are high

    Traditionally, a closing takes place in an office where documents may be easily signed.

    Why consider owning your own condo? There are many advantages to become a property owner.

    We often hear a basic concern: I'm looking for a condo or a house to buy, but ...

    Our experience can guide you through the entire real estate process

    In 1980, the U.S. Government implemented the Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act (or'FIRPTA'). The purpose of this law is