Condo Buying Tips

5 tips for choosing a great realtor in Miami Beach !

Buying or selling a condo in Miami Beach is an important life choice. So you need to have the best realtor on your side to do it! Hereafter you will find some advice on what you should look for:

1. Experience and contacts. Finding an experienced agent in Miami Beach is the best way not to lose your time and money. Indeed, it is imperative to hire an agent who already dealt with all kind of issues. He will be more proactive in anticipating them. The choice of an agent has to be made with tough standards, as if you were choosing an attorney. So donít be regardless on his competences.

2. Get along with him. If his voice is annoying to you or if you donít like the way he works then itís obvious that this cooperation is not going to be successful. The agent you choose to purchase a condo in Miami shouldnít push you too hard. You have to be able to tell him NO if you donít like what he is offering. Most important you have to trust him.

3. Quality before quantity. Itís not because an agent sold more units than another one that he will be the best fit for you. The n1 real estate agent in Miami Beach is not the n1 realtor for you.He needs to be knowledgeable of your geographical area and needs to understand your needs.At Condoideas Realty Group we specialize in Miami Beach,South Beach Downtown Miami, Edgewater, and Brickell

4. Availability. Youíre agent has to be available: phone, text, email, skype, whatís app or homing pigeon! He has to be able to answer your questions when you need him to and to be reactive. Indeed, you wouldnít miss a deal because your agent has been unreachable. If he lives from the neighborhood in Miami you are looking to buy into then it's even better.

5. After sales service. Finally, very important thing that you need to be sure about: find an agent who will continue to advise you after the closing. Where should you shop for furniture? Who would you recommend to do his flooring? Which restaurants are the best in town? Indeed, you are about to have several meals with him so try to ally business and pleasure and find one who is a gourmet!

At Condoideas Realty Group our agents have all these qualities. They will be able to listen to you, to understand you and they will be the best asset on your side to find your dream condo!

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Condoideas Realty Group- Newsletter November 2022.

The high season will soon be here, the weather is already awesome. Next month, our beautiful city will glow with new residents ready to enjoy their winter in the sun. It is funny how Miami can change in a such a short period. The demand for rentals is slowly increasing and buyers are starting to have a look at their options. In this edition of my newsletter, we will have an overlook at the latest real estate news. First let's talk about the purchase of a historical Miami Beach building. Yet again, a developer wants to buy a historical property to tear it down and build a brand new condo.To give you my point of view about the actual real estate in Miami, I have analyzed a sample of 11 condominiums in Brickell to understand the main tendency in this neighborhood. Tell me if the result strikes you, I was in shock. After that, we will discuss how the Federal Reserve policy influenced the rise of mortgage rates and of course the buying power of my clients. November will be full of surprises. Don't forget to go to the NightGarden at the Fairchild Tropical Garden, I have been there at least 3 times and I'm always mesmerized.

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Miami is the number one city in the U.S. with the biggest foreign real estate investment. According to the Profile of International Home Buyers Report of 2018, South Florida is getting more and more foreign buyers that are looking to settle in the sunny Miami and its surroundings. Foreign buyers find extremely pleasant to invest in South Florida, especially in Miami, as it is the most welcoming and diverse city of the U.S. Or at least that is what the stats are showing. Best weather, multilingual and multicultural society, vibrant nightlife, and growing economy. The real question is why not investing here?