Condo in Coconut Grove condos

Just south of Downtown and the Beaches sits boutique shops, eclectic restaurants and Miami's original art gallery district. It's no surprise that Coconut Grove has become a home for for tycoons, artists, writers, and musicians galore, and "truth be told" more than its share of kooks, eccentrics, and free spirits.

Coconut Grove has attracted adventurers since its beginnings. Long before Miami even existed, this tropical frontier village lured sailors and individualistic settlers into its quietly breathtaking natural setting with its wild sense of inspirational freedom.

Today, the village known to locals simply as "the Grove" is still a brilliant gem on the edge of the City of Miami. Though the sun can be found shining bright off the shimmering waters of Biscayne Bay any day, it's the warm welcome of the Grove community that illuminates your stay.

Coconut Grove, Florida has been dubbed a village with a rhythm all its own." Coconut Grove's variety and originality are reflected in the dining choices offered by its eateries and in the jazz, salsa and reggae heard in its funky neighborhood bars. The waterfront parks of Coconut Grove, Florida offer some of the best vantage points for watching manatees and sailboats, while specialty Coconut Grove stores sell an exhilarating range of merchandise.

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Fairchild condo


$1,400,000 to $4,600,000

Glasshaus condo

3161 Center Street, Miami 33133

$1,950,000 to $1,950,000

Grove at Grand Bay condo

2669 South Bayshore Drive Miami FL 33133

$20,000 to $24,000,000

Grovenor House condo

2627 South Bayshore Drive Miami, FL 33133

$2,300,000 to $6,800,000

Park Grove condo

2701 South Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

$1,850,000 to $8,999,000

Two Park Grove Condo

2821 S Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove, FL 33133

$3,395,000 to $24,500,000