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Ten years ago all eyes were on South Beach. Today, a billion-dollar investment by the city and developers has attracted attention to the Mid Beach area, known as Millionaire’s Row, and to North Beach.

A family-friendly serenity distinguishes the North Beach (NoBe) area from the more vibrant nightclub districts of Miami. In fact, the General Real Estate Corporation is developing single-family oceanfront homes between Collins Avenue and the sand dune, from 77th to 79th Street. This unique development is the first of its kind in Miami Beach. While enjoying close access to Miami Beach’s nightlife, North Beach is developing its own dining, recreational and cultural opportunities. And the oceanfront location has attracted a sophisticated clientele for a very sophisticated new generation of ultra-luxury condo projects.

These include the Fontainbleau II, Mei, Canyon Ranch Living and Akoya. These new projects in North Beach have been designed to complement the Post-World War II architecture referred to as MiMo, or Miami Modern. These post-war structures of the North Beach Resort Historic District add a distinctive charm to the NoBe community.

As its name implies, the Mid Beach area boasts an enviable central location. Routes into and out of the city are as available as the refined character of North Beach and the glittering attractions of South Beach. Upscale shopping, gourmet dining, multi-cultural entertainment, ocean-based recreation and beaches are readily available to Millionaire’s Row residents.

Super-luxury condo towers are transforming the area. Their developers have assembled a cast of local and international architects and designers to bring their visions to the Millionaire’s Row landscape.

All Buy a condo in Miami Beach condos

57 Ocean condo

5775 Collins Avenue

$1,500,000 to $31,000,000

6080 Collins Ave

6080 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL, 33140

$300,488 to $516,836

Akoya condo

6365 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141

$219,900 to $2,100,000

Aqua Chatham condo

201 Aqua Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141

$1,400,000 to $1,550,000

Bath Club condo

5959 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140

$1,390,000 to $5,900,000

Bel Aire Ocean condo

6515 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141

$425,000 to $995,000

Blue Diamond condo

4779 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140

$780,000 to $4,690,000

Canyon Ranch Carillon condo

6801 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141

$399,000 to $1,785,000

Cipriani Miami condo

3315 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL, 33140

Green Diamond condo

4775 Collins Av, Miami Beach FL 33140

$820,000 to $6,499,000

Monaco condo

6800 Indian Creek Drive Miami Beach, FL 33141

$1,693,700 to $3,475,400