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The future of Miami skyline / summer camps / slow down not crash / jazz in Miami

The future of Miami skyline

A new Downtown Miami Interactive 3-D Skyline Map just got released. It highlights the status of all the new towers that are currently under construction or planned. See all the hotel, residential, retail and office projects.

This is how the skyline will look like once all proposed and officially planned projects top off. It shows how Miami is becoming like a little New York, filling out its skyline. More than 100 new residential, hotel, retail and office towers will pop up. The Downtown Miami Interactive 3-D Skyline Map depicts current buildings along with the projected towers on a satellite ground of downtown Miami. It also provides a lot of information about the address, the developer, the status and the features of the project.

You will spot Zaha Hadidís 1000 Museum, the Skyrise Miami observation tower on the waterfront and the Miami Paramount blocks.

Whatís more, the map is updated gradually as new projects are announced.

Summer Camps

Summer Camp time is here! The Miami Beach Parks & Recreation presents summer camps for kids in grades K-12. The sessions will take place from June 13-17 to August 15-19.

Whether you want your children to become little champions in their own field or creating lifelong

memories, the Miami Beach summer camps offer cool fun under the sun! Specialty camps focus on specific hobbies where kids can develop a craft: they can go fishing, dancing, ice-skating, learn how to cook, practice fin arts or do science among other great adventures.

The list is long, so visit Miami Beach Parks to find the best activity and start your registration! If I were a primary school kid, I would personally pick the junior golf!

Miamiís luxe market is slowing not crashing

Statistics speak for themselves, Miamiís luxury residential market has a lower volume of sales this year. Analyzing sales and pricing data for existing properties in popular and luxurious Miami Dade, a drop in sales have been observed on houses from $1 million to $5 million. The county sold 866 condos in 2015, down from 1,027 in 2014. The extra inventory went from 1,141 properties per month to 1,490 properties: buyers could be selective while sellers were not with prices, leaving us with the feeling of not being able to get a deal done. In the higher price point however, sales remained steady in 2015. Part of the reason for Miamiís luxury slowdown is global economics. Even the presidential election is causing hesitancy in the real estate market. Regarding Miamiís new condo developments, 73% of the preconstruction market is sold. Nothing compares to 2006, also because of the 50% deposits now. No lax lending nowadays! Having smaller supply and staying away from leverage buyers will prevent Miamiís real estate market taking too big of a hit.

Where to listen to Jazz in Miami

Miami Jazz Festival was a hit, in case you missed it, here are our top spots to listen to Jazz in Miami: Rouge on Wednesdays,River Yacht Club on Thursdays. Jazz on the River. Lagniappe and Soya e Pomodoro on Fridays,Le Chat Noir on Saturdays and The Corner.