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Miami's real estate is hotter than ever before!


I invite you to enjoy this video featuring residence #604 at the Fendi Chateau condo. This unit listed at $6.5M for 3,200sqft and it is completely finished, designed, furnished and decorated with the greatest refinement and the best finishes of Fendi's style. It perfectly combines fashion, style, and functionality.


Do you know our Condo Shark tool? it's a measurement tool we created to find deals in Miami. Have a look at this page where you can track properties that have drastically reduced their price over the past few months. This page is the best tool to find motivated sellers in this down market.

Let's take an example... Imagine that you are looking to buy a condo in South of Fifth, but you have spent hours and hours trying to find the correct unit were to put an offer. With Condo Shark, you will see that there is unit #604 at Icon South Beach condo that has decreased its price on over -11% since the listing date. You can see that the owner is motivated to sell and you can try to bargain the current price of $864,000.

This page offers MUST-KNOW information if you were planning to put an offer.

Go check it out!


Have you heard from the Tax Cut and Jobs acted signed by Trump at the end of 2017? If you are in New York or Connecticut, I'm almost sure you have. A large line of wealthy buyers coming from the North are now investing in South Florida, especially in Miami real estate.

We are glad to be the refuge for high tax areas such as New York and California, but what is this Tax Cut that has created this migration to Florida? Basically, after the approval of the "TCJA", the law is capping a deduction for state and local taxes of only $10,000. This deduction is almost nothing for high-income earners that have property taxes of over $100,000. They prefer to invest in a luxury condo in South of Fifth, becoming a Florida resident than paying taxes with that same amount of money.

This is not the only change that has happened after the tax reform, but it is the most visible. However, this new law also caps interest rate deduction to mortgages under $750,000 which really affects owners with property values that are far above.

Relocating in Miami seems to be the best option for avoiding this "Government trap" and that is why the city has been definitely the #1 winner from this tax cut as it has been attracting more North Easters than ever before!


If you want to find your ideal vacation rental, and if Airbnb doesn't satisfy your needs, the list below will interest you!

- Boutique Homes: If for you it is as important the interior as the outer design of the place you are going to stay, you should have a look at this website. You can stay in the most stunning apartment all around the world.

- Homestay: Some of us want to not only travel but get involved with locals and their culture. This website will allow you to have both. It only allows listing from shared units, where you will get the entire local experience!

- Innclusive: If you have ever been denied on a stay on Airbnb, you will love this platform. With instant booking in almost all of their listings, this website is designed to attach discrimination when booking a place.

- Kid and Coe: We all know that traveling with kids is a pure hassle. Most of the hotels/apartments listed do not have the proper amenities for kids. This rental site is the best solution you will find. Depending on the age of your kid (s), you could find plenty of options where to have a comfy stay with them.

- Sabbatical Homes: Short and medium term and rentals in 57 different countries. Rental terms are discussed with the owner directly, which has the chance to choose a perfect match for him.

- The Plum Guide: There is staff that will go to the unit you rented prior to your arrival date, to check on every single detail, starting from the Wi-Fi, until the veracity of the pictures. The Plum Guide is expanding its market, however, nowadays you can only find homes in six cities, within this L.A. and New York.

- Vacasa: This company is the owner of more than 11 thousand homes worldwide. It offers fair prices for vacation rentals and you will have employees that will clean and maintain the unit you will stay in.


We could definitely say that March is the "music month". This month is the best moment to go out and enjoy the most incredible music festivals and carnivals in Miami!

- MARCH 2nd/ 10th: Let's start this month with a lot of music and dancing! I invite you to join me at the Carnival of Miami, we will have a blast with a bunch of art, fashion, food and obviously music! One million attendees each year gather together to have a "Latino" experience. However, it is not just about having fun, the carnival is hosted by the volunteers of Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, with the only purpose to benefit their foundation that supports youth development.

- MARCH 10th: Calle Ocho festival will be the farewell of the Miami Festival. This is definitely the marquee event of the festival, as it gets more than 20 blocks in Little Havana filled with concerts, food stands, dancing everywhere and much more! Famous Latino singers are going to do a performance, so if you are into Pitbull, Niki Jam or Maluma's music, this is the perfect event for you!

- MARCH 18th / 31st: The Miami Open is a major tennis tournament held at the Hard Rock Stadium. World-class players gather for two weeks and create an incredible show that you don't want to miss.

- MARCH 29th -31st: The annual Ultra Music Festival is one of the most renowned music festivals in Miami. This outdoor event has moved from Downtown to the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park & Miami Marine Stadium. Famous DJ's of all around the World presents a show that no one who likes electronic music wants to pass up.


Michelin awarded, chef Hemant Mathur, just launched to the public his Indian restaurant, Maska Miami. Located in Midtown, this 7,000 sqft restaurant offers also a full-service bar.

After opening 2 Indian restaurants in New York, Devi and Tulsi, Marthur decided to try warmer areas. With a contemporary-casual menu, Maska offers three categories of food: Small plates, Large plate, and Maska Marke (from the tandoor and clay oven).

What can you find in this stylish restaurant? An open kitchen and tandoor, a lounge area and an open bar.

I have to say, this is definitely one of the best Indian restaurants I have ever been to. Unparalleled cuisine and drinks. It is even hard to decide which plate is my favorite, but if I have to suggest only one, I would definitely go for the crab dumpling.

I can't wait for you to try it!


- 3801 Collins Ave

- Listed at $1,999,000

- Ocean front

- 1,525 sqft

- 3 beds / 3 baths

- $1,310 /sqft

- High floor

Get to know more here!

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