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Real Estate Tax Exemption In Florida

This is an overview of the different exemptions you might get for your property. Generally, initial application for property tax exemption must be made between January 1 and March 1 of the year for which the exemption is sought.

  • $25,000 Homestead Exemption - Every person who has legal or equitable title to real property in the State of Florida and who resides on the property on January 1 and in good faith makes it his or her permanent home is eligible for a homestead exemption

  • $500 Widow's and Widower's Exemption - Any widow or widower who is a bona fide Florida resident may claim this exemption.

  • $500 Disability Exemption - A Florida resident who is totally and permanently disabled may qualify for this exemption.

  • $5,000 Disability Exemption for Ex-service member - An ex-service member disabled at least 10% in war or by service-connected misfortune may be entitled to a $5000 exemption on any property owned by the ex-service member.

  • $500 Exemption for Blind Persons - A Florida resident who is blind may qualify for this exemption.

  • Additional homestead exemption for persons 65 and older - In accordance with s. 6(f), Art. VII of the State Constitution, the board of county commissioners of any county or the governing authority of any municipality may adopt an ordinance to allow an additional homestead exemption of up to $25,000 for any person who has the legal or equitable title to real estate and maintains thereon the permanent residence of the owner, who has attained age 65, and whose household income does not exceed $20,000.

    For more information about property taxes, contact your county property appraiser or tax collector.

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