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How Condoideas can help Miami Real Estate Buyers?

We often hear a basic concern: I'm looking for a condo or a house to buy, but I don't see how a buyer's agent could possibly help me.
This concern usually comes with a story: I've been house hunting and going to open houses for a while now. Wherever I stop, the agents always help me out. They've always answered all my questions. But then, when I found a house that I liked and tried to negotiate a price, the realtor suddenly wanted me to raise my offer. After all, he said, it's the best house on the market.
This buyer forgot one thing: the selling realtor is on the side of the seller, not you, the buyer.

At Condoideas, your buyer's agent has only one person's interests in mind, yours. We represent you!

At Condoideas, expert buyer's agents gather and then share with you all the information that you will need to make a successful purchase. Many factors need to be researched ahead of time. And it isn't unusual for the buyer's agent to become more knowledgeable about the property than the seller's representative. For example: are there known defects and are these being remedied; what are the tax rates; are there any condo association by-laws that would impede the enjoyment of your new home?

Only sellers and their agents know their minimum settling price and the owner's reasons for selling. Remember, at Condoideas we can offer a no-cost competitive market analysis, and we can provide an economic analysis of the area. We can provide advice on a possible appraisal contingency, warn of potential problems with As Is contracts, and keep an eye on the calendar for contractual deadlines.

Your time is precious. Success counts. Let us help you organize your search, negotiate for you while keeping your interests foremost, and help to ensure the presence of all parties at the closing meeting.

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