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Why choose Condoideas to buy your condo?

Condoideas Realty Group is a multi million dollars real estate brokerage based in Miami Beach Florida .Our team is formed by highly skilled real estate agents specialized in high end condominiums.

Our knowledge and experience can guide you through the real estate process from property browsing to move in
and help you with all of the details before, during and after the sale. Our multilingual agents are here to serve you and get the dransaction done. We are specilized both in national and foreign buyers. Our company promotes sales listings in the Americas and overseas.

1. PRELIMINARY SESSION - We will conduct a buyer counseling session to discuss your needs and goals, and to plan the search for your property.

2. TRANSACTION BROKER AGREEMENT - We will present and explain to you the representation agreement and the special services and benefits it offers.

3. PRE-QUALIFICATION - We will offer contact information of several mortgage brokers in order to pre-qualify you for a loan. This will also help you in the negotiation process.

4. PROPERTY SHOWING - We will show you properties that meet your criteria in the selected neighborhoods.

5. PROPERTY ANALYSIS - We will evaluate with you the positive and negative aspects of a property that may affect its value and future resale.

6. PROPERTY DISCLOSURE - We will review with you all inspection reports and other documents pertaining to the condition of the property and disclose all physical defects of the property that are known to us.

7. REVIEW OF WRITTEN SELLERS DISCLOSURE - We will thoroughly review with you the seller's written disclosure statement to enable you to accept or specify the remedy for each fault disclosed.

8. HOME WARRANTY - We will explain to you the option of a home warranty plan to reduce your risk of repair when purchasing a property.

9. BUILDING & WDO INSPECTIONS - We will recommend that you obtain professional building and wood-destroying organisms inspections (termites, etc).

10. ESTIMATE OF FUNDS REQUIRED - We will provide you with a preliminary estimate of closing costs and down payment requirement anticipated in the transaction.

11. OFFER PREPARATION - We will prepare a written offer on the property you choose to purchase with terms approved by you.

12. NEGOTIATION - We will discuss with you a negotiation strategy for the property you have selected. We will try to get for you the best price for the property you have selected.

13. CLOSING THE SALE - We will monitor all the aspects of the sale with the lender, the closing agent, the appraiser.

14. WALK-THROUGH - We will accompany you on a thorough walk-through of the property before closing, and we will assist you in dealing with any problems discovered during the walk-through.

15. AFTER-SALE SERVICE - We will contact you after the closing to follow up on remaining details or service needs.

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