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Why to invest NOW in Miami real estate?

November is synonyms of good weather and plenty of plans. But the good news don't stop there, there are great condo deals looming on our horizon. Great update if you are planning to buy an apartment, and if you are waiting to sell, don't worry, there are also good news for you, the real state market in Florida seems to hold on tight to the top rank in the country.

Now that everyone is happy, it's not time to change mood right? So continue reading this newsletter and you will find more reason why vacationing in Miami is your best option this winter.


The global financial crisis clearly hit the real estate market years ago, but in Miami our industry has fully rebounded from this disruption. Now, according to the PwC and Urban Land Institute (ULI) report, Miami is ranked 12th in the biggest real estate markets nationwide.

The Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2019 survey concludes that the outlook for our industry shows great investment opportunities, because of the "demographic growth, friendly business environment and an appealing cost structure". Real estate is clearly pushed by an increased vibrancy in our downtown growth, as new attracting developments have been performing over the last few years.

Real estate in Florida shows a possibility for every need as, for example, Orlando has been winning the battle on the institutional investment field, Miami clearly stands on the top real estate market for international investors and shows a higher percentage of residents between ages of 25 and 44 that the U.S. average.


Did you know that Miami is now standing on the podium on a really fought 3rd place for having the finest food?

According to the latest survey of WalletHub, Miami, out of 180 U.S. cities, stands out on the "diversity, accessibility and quality" of its food. But this is not impressive for anyone who knows Miami, as in every corner we can find a great gourmet specialty restaurant or the best ice cream shop. The only problem you might have if you are looking for a place to eat in Miami is not being able to choose out of the extreme amount of possibilities this city offers you.

Don't be surprised if you change your favorite restaurant every day, you are not the only one!


Sales are now open for the brand new luxury condo building, 57 Ocean, in Mid-Miami beach, 5775 Collins Avenue.

The project designed by Arquitectonica, award-winning architectural firm, and developed by MultiplanREAM, has finally launched 81 units for sale, that vary from one to four bedrooms ranging in size from 1245 sqft to 3623 sqft. Planned with a delivery date on 2021, 30 months later from the groundbreaking.

With prices from $1.5 million to $31 million, every unit has a private elevator entrance with a unique view of the sea or the city. Complete access to a 24 hour valet, with an underground parking spot available. It offers a numerous amount of amenities, that apart from unique, are completely connected to one another and are always seeking to achieve a multi-dimensional wellness.

Get to know more here


This Italian restaurant located in the heart of Wynwood, absolutely fits this colorful, vibrant and artistic district. Great green rustic design that makes it classy and fresh at the same time. But it is not all about great decor and style, I honestly have to admit the service and food are breathtaking. You absolutely need to try my favorite dish the spaghetti alle Vongole.

Open kitchen for brunch, lunch, dinner and a bar service until 11:00 pm, makes this place a must visit in Miami. Which best three word describe this restaurant? Casual, affordable, refreshing.

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