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The future of Watson Island/Chotto Matte restaurant/Okan: a condo hotel project/Fun facts/July event

The future of Watson Island in Miami

If you have used the MacArthur Causeway, the bridge linking Miami to South Beach, then you definitely know Watson Island. The Watson Island hosts the animal theme park called Jungle Island.

According to Miami city commissioners, there will be a ballot in August to vote if the current lessor, ESJ JI Leasehold LLC is able to continue their lease and build a hotel on this island.

According to ESJ, the hotel will increase the annual rent to the city by $250,000 or 5.0% hotel gross sales will be given whichever that has a greater value. ESJ will also contribute $700,000 to the city park and $500,000 to low-income housing.

The hotel proposed will be 130' high with an estimated 300 rooms or less. ESJ is also planning for other near-term redevelopments such as a trampoline park and rope course, a skydiving wind tunnel, a restaurant and multiple water attractions. ESJ argues that the construction of a new hotel along with a new Jungle Island park and their amenities would mean 500 new permanent jobs will be created

Chotto Matte- The best Nikkei experience

The first time I went to Chotto Matte restaurant in Lincoln Road, I was really impressed by their interior design. It was as if guests are transported to a different scene and it felt surreal.

The sushis were made fresh and the taste is simply divine! We ordered the Four Pieces Aburi and it was amazing! The server came to our table and flamed it right in front of us. Then, we also ordered Tentaculos de pulpo which is octopus with yuzu and purple potato. I have never tasted something so delicious before.

This was definitely a 5 star rating restaurant. It is the perfect restaurant to hang out with your friends on a girl's night out or it could be a nice romantic dinner for two as well. All in all, I highly recommend Chotto Matte!

Okan hotel: a condo hotel project

Condo-hotels might be the newest trend in Miami's real estate scene. In the last two newsletters, we covered The Smart Brickell and The Yotelpad. Now, we are covering another condo-hotel project which is The OKAN Tower.

The OKAN Tower condo is developed by The OKAN Group from Turkey. The building will be 70 stories tall with mix-used with 293 condo-hotel residences, 149 private condominiums and 64,000 square foot of office space.

Located in the heart of Downtown area, it is within walking distance to all major tourist area such as the Perez Art Museum, the Adrienne Arscht Center, the American Airlines Arena and many more! The OKAN Tower has studios, 1 bed and 2 bed.

Did you know? A few interesting facts about Miami

  • The Aventura Mall is one of the Top 3 shopping malls in America.
  • Miami has the highest number of foreign buyers in the U.S.
  • Top countries investing in Miami: Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico
  • Breakground in 2018 of a mixed-use project in Wynwood on 8.5 acres. Designed to attract internaitonal companies and facilitate trade and business in China/Asia, Latin America, the Carribean and North America.
  • Direct flight to Asia in the next two years

  • Top 5 events in July

    Miami has exciting events happening this month. Here are some events that you should be on the look out!

  • Miami Music Festival: July 1 - 30
  • Throughout the whole month, you can watch movies for only $8 and some of them are free! Check out the participating local art house cinema to see if promotion applies
  • Miami Spa Month: July 1 - August 31
  • Ever wanted to go to the ultra luxurious spa in that 5-start hotel ? This month, Miami hotels, spas and resorts are cutting back their prices to give you the best relaxation experience of a lifetime!
  • Miami Swim Week: July 14 - 17
  • Swimwear runways all over Miami Beach! The biggest swimshow event in the entire world is happening in this 3 days event exclusively here!
  • International Mango Festival: July 14 - 15
  • The world's largest display of magoes is taking place at The Fairchild Tropical Garden. Admission is $25 for non-members
  • International Ballet Festival: July 28 - August 19
  • More than 200 ballet artists from 20 companies are gathered here in Miami to showcase their performance! Venues include Filmore Miami Beach Theater, Lehman Theater, Colony Theater and many more!

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