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The goal of this real financial information section is to provide you, the perspective buyer or seller, a clear understanding of all possible financial solutions that might be available to you in a real estate transaction. All our articles cover specific topics and address these issues in dept.

You will be amazed by how many different programs lending institution can offer: we are confident that when analyzing all options and mastering the pro and cons of every program, your real estate transaction will go perfectly smooth.

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Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter August 2020

Summer in Miami always means fewer people around, which makes August a perfect month to enjoy the weather by the beach respecting the social distancing guidelines. There are numerous events this month, such as the Miami Spice or the first float boat cinema coming to Miami! Scroll down and read more of what this boat-in cinema is all about.
This month comes with interesting news of Miami's real estate including how Mexicans are fueling the Miami housing market, as it seems like a more politically and economically stable site. Discover how the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 has created stagnation for renters in Miami, and how is this affecting the industry.
Finally, a restaurant recommendation that just opened its doors to the public a few weeks ago in South Beach, and our deal of the month at the Jade Beach condo in Sunny Isles that you definitely shouldn't miss!

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter July 2020

Miami reopening plan started last month, and the city is ready to be explored again! Well as I write this newsletter the restaurants have been mandated to close again... Anyways, please keep yourself safe and follow the social distancing guidelines and wear a mask (properly...).Let's keep each other healthy. In this month's newsletter I wanted to bring you some interesting news of upcoming projects in Miami Beach, so scroll down and read more about the "Marina Park" that is planned to be located in South of Fifth, or the Office Building project in Terminal Island.

I wanted to bring you as well some post-COVID studies that show how relocation in the U.S. has doubled in the past month compared to 2019. Also, discover how the commercial real estate in Miami is doing, as it is not as bad as we all thought! Finally, check out our deal of the month... a Foreclosure corner unit at the Yacht Club at Portofino that is definitely the best deal in the building!

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter June 2020

The bittersweet month that we just passed, came with some interesting news on how the real estate market is reacting to the various states reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown. In this month's newsletter, I welcome you to check out our deal tracker where you'll be able to find out which condos have decreased the most their prices. It also comes with some bad news about how Airbnb hosts are dealing with the whole travel closure and how is it affecting the housing industry.

Read more and discover why the luxury condo market in Downtown Miami has shown a drastic drop in the sale prices. Additionally, some good news on the surprising rise in mortgage and refinance demands throughout the States. Scroll down to see what are creatives alternatives from restaurants to maintain social distancing and avoid the Coronavirus spread, now that they are allowed to reopen. And last but not least, our deal of the month at the Yacht Club at Portofino that you definitely shouldn't miss!

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter May 2020.

These past challenging months have been hard for everyone, but we need to keep in mind that we will get out of this stronger, but most importantly, together. While everyone is practicing social distancing, lay down and enjoy this newsletter full of interesting news of how Miami is dealing with the COVID-19 season, and what is coming ahead.

This month we bring you some interesting articles on how the housing market is being affected by the Coronavirus health issue. Read more and get to know why we are not facing a real estate crisis like the one from 2008. Keep reading and learn why are Fisher Island residents getting the desirable COVID-19 tests delivered to their door.

If you have been trying to find the opportunities out of this crisis, scroll down and get to know the best condos where to invest! Also, find out what is coming next for the real estate industry in Miami and finally discover our deal of the month that you shouldn't miss!

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter April 2020.

I would like to start by saying that we are all experiencing difficult times and I hope you and your families are doing well. One third of the world is in quarantine and we need to remind each other that we are all in this together. Maybe it's a way to focus on the important things in life.

After a month full of surprises and radical life changes, this month I decided to focus my newsletter on the the COVID-19.

How is the housing market being affected? Where is everyone going to run away from the virus? How is the state of Florida dealing with the whole situation? What solutions have real estate agents implemented to soften the blow? and finally, what is the commercial real estate doing to survive the closure of the service industry, such as restaurants, and bars?

Scroll down to discover the answers to these questions and the short-term projections of the effect of the Coronavirus crisis in the real estate industry in Miami, South Florida and nationwide.

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter March 2020.

March is one of the busiest months in lively Miami! Get ready to enjoy a large list of absorbing events and must-go activities. Check out top-3 events suggestions for March. In this month's newsletter, I'll bring you a synthesis of stats for sales of the prime condos in Brickell. Scroll down and discover why the neighborhood had a huge decrease of -12.5% in sales. Keep on reading and check out the new and vibrant new development in Downtown, Legacy Hotel & Residences. Did the Miami Superbowl impact your life? Well it actually did have a positive overall impact on Miami. As every newsletter, discover my recommended newly launched restaurant that you must try! And finally, you shouldn't leave without reading all the details of our deal of the month at the Floridian Condo!

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter February 2020.

February is one of the best months to be in Miami! If you are not here already and if you want to run away from the freezing winter weather fly down to Miami and get the breezy tropical climate that will make you want to stay and maybe buy a condo !

This month is full of events and festivals, so scroll down and discover our top-3 recommended events in Miami.

In this newsletter, we will also present to you our yearly 2019 vs. 2018 stats of some of the most iconic condos in South beach! Some interesting luxury real estate news and the hot details of the new development Mr C Residences by Cipriani. Delight yourself with our monthly restaurant suggestion and check out our deal of the month... don't pass out on this opportunity!

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter January 2020.

Happy New Year ! May 2020 brings you health, happiness, love, friendship and everything you wish for and maybe a condo in Miami !

Lots of things moving in Miami, especially on the food and hotel scene. Nevertheless for a developer/owner such as Moishe Mana things are not moving fast enough especially in Downtown Miami.

Finally we will investigate this new trend in condo development which enhances community living and thrives among young professionals.

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter November 2019.

I'm excited to kick off this new high season. I feel the great vibes coming to town as it gets cooler up North and in Europe. Eager to welcome you all down here in Miami. First of all let's check how preconstruction owners deal with steep discounts from developers who need to sell their last condo inventory. Then buyers start asking me questions on sea level rise. I think the best is to let the experts answer these concerns. Then some little real estate tips from your favorite realtor are always welcome so read ahead. Finally we have a great deal this month eat the Portofino Yacht Club. Direct bay view. They don't come up very often so hurry up !

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter December 2019.

The holidays are right around the corner but before the celebrations let's focus on our last few days of the year since there is a lot to talk about.

First let me give you some tips on where you could be able to get some developer deals. Then did you know that almost a thousand people per day move to Florida? Why are so many people interested in living in the sunshine state? This influx has a huge positive impact on the absorption rate of our condo inventory. This brings me to another question which we all have in mind. When will the inventory lower down to a point where prices will pick up? Finally let's enjoy the best Art Basel events this year and before going out to party check out my deal of the month which is an adorable condo with a view on the bay and on the private Indian Creek golf course.