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New and innovative constructions are being developed now in Miami that is creating new signature buildings to the old skyline we knew. Developers are trying to create another advantage to be preferred by buyers. National and international designers are being hired to create the craziest and most gorgeous building’s designs possible. Get to know what are the six most amazing buildings differentiating with their architectural style.

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter February 2019

While the rest of the country is freezing out, Miami is having an outstanding weather right now. There is no better time to enjoy the outdoors activities and events for the month of February.

The real estate market in the United States is expected to decrease by 2%, which means a deceleration compared to previous years. However, there are still some housing markets expected to grow much more. Among them is the city of Miami. Miami’s economy is

The real-estate market is always moving. If you want to keep going at the same pace, you need to adapt your strategy. In this article, we talk about who Miami real-estate developers are now changing their methods to adapt to a modern world not willing to make long-term compromises. Condo owners are suffering from an incredible amount of supply nowadays that has forced them to decrease their prices. There are competitors everywhere. Conventional apartments and even some conventional condos won’t survive if they continue pitching the same client. That is why new buildings had been targeting short-term rentals in a never seen way.

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter January 2019

I wanted to start this month's newsletter by wishing you all a happy new year full of blessings.

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter December 2018

For Miami residents the holidays are the perfect excuse to stay here and enjoy their home with their family

Do you sometimes think that a little "pied a terre’" in Miami would make your life happier, and sunnier? Then you should keep on reading to make your dream become a reality.

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter November 2018

November is here and also the end to the scorching summer heat, so no better time to tan at the beach, have an exotic meal or just go shopping at the best malls in the U.S.!

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter October 2018

This month's newsletter was a little tough to write because things have been pretty slow in Miami. But then I realized that instead of writing about something that is interesting in Miami I would write about what you have showed interest in. For example you very often ask me about mortgages so I'll give you a few hints on them.. Also during this period I've had a lot of people thinking about vacationing in Miami this winter so I'll review with you a few places you should look into. Finally I won't forget to mention the restaurant and the deal of the month as well as events happening in October.

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter September 2018

Back to work, back to school, back to reading news on Miami ! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and your Labor Day weekend. So what happened while you were away? Well first a lot of New Yorkers moved down to Miami this summer. I'll tell you why when you scroll down. What would be your 10 reasons to move or live in Miami? Did you know that when Miami is slow locals start enjoying restaurants where we would never go during the high season. I just went last week to a low key/good food eatery in South beach. We also get a chance to go to events such as the Orchid show, a Cristina Aguilera and a Sting concert. So be ready for a laid back and relaxing month.

Condoideas Realty Group-Newsletter August 2018

Did you know that we are in hurricane season? Always remember to bring your umbrella everywhere in case you are caught in a sudden downpour. Because when it rains it pours in August. Let me tell you a piece of good news: condo sales in Miami are picking up after a slowdown. This is a great news for many homeowners who were waiting to sell their condos. Nevertheless I still think you should wait off a little. In this newsletter, I will share with you some stats about the population trend in the United States. I will also introduce you to a new condo project called the Glasshaus in Coconut Grove. Then, we are going straight to the fun things such as restaurant recommendations and things to do! Don't forget to check our deal of the month at the bottom of the newsletter!

It's summer but right before taking some time off I wanted to update you on a few items. Some vacationers enjoy Miami at this time but keep in mind that it might be cloudy and rainy. In this newsletter, I'm going to tell you about the new project for Par

Condoideas Realty Group - Newsletter June 2018 Edition

Can you believe that we are already in June? Time sure flies fast. It's time to assess the real estate market for 2018. What to expect and when?

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The neighborhood to watch out this time is called Edgewater. It’s an area with great potential. Architects and developers have used their creativity to place it on the map.

For a long time Coconut Grove has been ignored by realtors and buyers who preferred the upcoming Brickell, Midtown or Design district neighborhoods. Recently, the area had a re-birth.

The real estate market is a dynamic environment. Prices and inventory vary a lot depending on the timing of the year. you have to prepare a strategy in order to avoid buying it at the same time as everyone else.

The Miami real estate market is still considered as a safe heaven for high end property buyers.The sale of high end properties in the first 6 months of this year were stable. The prices are increasing from $1,233 in 2015 to $1,430 in 2016.

The Yacht Club at Portofino provides full-service condo living in one of Miami South Beach’s best-priced luxury properties.

An architectural prodigy within steps of the urban environment of fascinating South Beach. Buy at the Murano Grande condo which defines the ideal of the South of Fifth luxury lifestyle

Tips about buying or selling a condo in Downtown Miami. You want to buy a condo in Miami? You are looking to sell your condo in Miami?

How to choose THE realtor in Miami Beach? Looking for a professional realtor in Miami to buy or sell your condo? Luxury real estate Miami Beach

Our goal is to determine a competitive price range that works in your favor.

Loan application fee and credit report are spelled out in your bank’s Good Faith Estimate.

We often hear a basic concern: “I’m looking for a condo or a house to buy, but ...

In 1980, the U.S. Government implemented the Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act (or“FIRPTA”). The purpose of this law is